Experience Dando Dance in Schools



Rundle College

“Thanks so much for sharing your talent and passion with us!”

-Students of Rundle College


Rundle Academy

“Thank you for participating in our first ever fine arts day! Your passion and experience made our day that much more

creative. Hope to see you again next year! Thanks again,”

-Christina & Rundle Academy


Western Canada High School



“On behalf of the physical education department at Western Canada High School we would like to thank David and Olya for their professional education dance instructions. They have brought a new dimension to the dance unit. Their teaching style is second to none. They are always creating an environment that is full of education, humour, routine and an all around entertaining experience for the students. We find them to be the most organized and professional guest teachers in dance that we have ever encountered. With the amount of experience they bring to the classroom the students just seem to respond to them like they have been working with them all year long. It is an absolute pleasure to have David and Olga teach dance at our school to our students. We look forward to continuing this relationship for many years to come. They would make a great addition to any high school dance unit in the city. On behalf of the students and staff at Western Canada high school physical education department we would like to thank David and Olya for their continued support in the dance unit.
-P.E Dept. Western Canada high school


Centennial High School



Click here for a preview of our High school lesson at Centennial High


Bishop Grandin High School



Crescent Heights High School



Central Memorial High School



List of Schools we have taught at 2007-2018

1. Bishop Grandin High School (9 years)

2. Bishop O’Byrne (1 year)

3. Centennial High (10 years)

4. Central Memorial High (10 years)

5. Crescent Heights High (10 years)

6. Edelweiss Preparatory School ( 2 years)

7. Highwood Elementary (1 year)

8. Red Deer Lake Elementary & Jr. High (5 years)

9. Rundle College  Jr. & Senior High (10 years)

10. Rundle Academy Elementary (1 year)

11. Sir John Franklin Jr. High (1 year)

12. Sir Winston Churchill High (5 years)

13. Springbank Jr. & Senior (12 years)

14. Strathcona Tweedsmoir Jr. & Senior High (7 years)

15. Terry Fox Jr. High (1 year)

16. Waldorf Elementary & Jr. High (2 years)

17. Western Canada High (6 years)