Our Philosophy


There are so many therapeutic aspects  to dancing.  We all know  the healing effect of a  good work out,  listening to a beautiful, inspiring song, or your favorite piece of music.  Depending on the mood, music can energize, calm you, or  release pent-up emotions.

Dance is the freedom of movement to music. Imagine freely moving to a piece of music you really love, and getting a workout  as well. The benefit of that is absolutely incredible.

There are so many people who are uncomfortable with their bodies and body movement.  Additionally, they may be shy to express themselves .  Dance allows for freedom of self expression through controlled movement to a multi dimension of music.


Different genres of music help you express different emotions: cheeky or sexy Cha Cha Cha, steamy Salsa and  sensual Bachata,  romantic Waltz,  classy and  elegant Foxtrot,  passionate Argentine Tango,  aggressive Paso Doble, fun and peppy Jive, and, of course, the dance of love, Rumba. Through dance, we experience freedom of emotion. Now imagine yourself free to express through your body all emotions. Confidence in your movement inspires confidence in speech and overall  human behavior.

  Over the years  we have seen how dance changes peoples lives. They start out feeling shy, afraid to speak their mind. Then they start to blossom as they learn the different forms of dancing.
As individuals we’re so complex and multifaceted. Every emotion is a facet of our personality. At DandoDance we think of our personalities  as diamonds.  Throughout life we polish and enhance every facet of our Individuality and learn to shine through in different bright colors.  Freedom of expressing yourself and your emotions through movement, and then speech creates confidence in every part of life. At first you freely move! Then you freely speak !Then you freely express! And finally you are free to be yourself and shine.!!!!

At DandoDance we believe that dance helps people to reach their own harmonious state of life. We see that the harmony of the individual lies in five different areas: mental, emotional, physical, social, professional


Mental: Learning new patterns, challenging yourself by stretching your comfort zone each day, and expanding your comfort level. Exercising mental focus through leading and remembering patterns, being able to think fast on your feet and stay one step ahead. Exercising mental sharpness and fast reflexes through following,  increases mental sharpness and makes you stronger!


Emotional: Being free to express every emotion you feel on the dance floor and to feel relaxed doing so. We all try to be nice and polite while repressing our emotions. We feel that they can hurt another person’s feelings or are simply inappropriate in some situations. Repression may cause emotional imbalances in an individual. However, on the dance floor with your partner, you can allow yourself to be sexy, powerful, romantic, submissive, weak, overemotional, dramatic, aggressive, happy, in love, sad, or basically anything you want to be. You have to be an extremely aware individual to express those emotions appropriately in life.  It is  considered good manners to keep a cool head on your shoulders! Emotional expression should be important. Unfortunately they don’t teach that in school! But we do teach that in dance!  And it is pure freedom!


Physical: Dance is a great workout. Every day you discover new muscles which have been strengthened, but it’s up to you to decide how far you want to push yourself.  Some people seek strenuous physical activity, while others prefer mild exercise. It’s up to you to decide. Dance overall will increase awareness of your muscles, coordination, balance, strength, and flexibility.  Your physical awareness will grow and your physical health/strength will improve daily. There are no limits to your capacity. Proof of this is observed at popular events such as the Olympics, and Cirque du Soleil. We humans push our physical boundaries to new heights! Dance allows us to do that perfectly.


Social: Dance allows you to be a part of the social dance community. It can increase the number of friends, connections and contacts you have in your life. Imagine being surrounded by like-minded individuals who love to dance, and express themselves. Now also imagine yourself being surrounded by friends, dancing with them, laughing with them, enjoying spending your time with them and having a blast because you’re free to be yourself. Now also imagine yourself having a normal life waking up, going to work, coming home, watching TV, going to sleep, then repeating the same process all over again, sound familiar? When you dance, you have a network of friends who are happy and full of life! You’re invited to dance parties, birthdays celebrations, weddings, and you will begin find that you are filled with social activities that enrich your life. After all, we humans are social creatures. One way we can exist healthily is through our relationships to each other! Making friends and interacting with like-minded individuals is crucial to success in life. We are most happy when we can connect to other people, and are able to fully express ourselves in an honest, open and sincere manner.


Professional: In the dance community, you meet friends with the potential to be business partners. Many people have expanded their social network through the dance community.  A large number of professionals from various industries who have become passionate about dance are able to get the opportunity to advertise their services at big city events like The Calgary International Salsa Congress or Rocky Mountain Dancesport Grand Prix to their newfound network. We all have unique gifts to give and share with others. The more friends we have, the more we are able to help people with the unique gifts we possess. Through each other, we may expand our experiences and thus our existence!