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Interested in learning to dance?

Come join our dance family! We express our joy of dance through a fun learning environment, and entertaining dance routines. Our goal is to entertain and be entertained, laugh and enjoy ourselves while dancing and being in the company of friends. You can find everything you need to know about taking a private lesson, booking us for a show, group lesson for parties or special events, hiring an MC, or maybe you even want to join a Performance team. (For beginning performers, we will showcase our dancing at Retirement homes. For Intermediate level dancers, we will be showcased at festivals within the city).

We have travelled internationally to perform with our teams in the past, for example our trip to the 2013 Las Vegas International Salsa Congress.


We have something for everyone

Performance Groups

Dando Dance Company is looking for people to join our lovely family team.

We are seeking BEGINNER to ADVANCED level dancers, and will separate teams accordingly.


*2-3 yrs minimum social or other dance experience
*Bronze, Silver, Gold level Ballroom/Latin competitor

*40-46 weeks per year training

*1.5 hours per week (mandatory attendance, vacay negotiable)

*1-3 hours/ week of personal group practice


* positive, hard working, goal oriented, punctual

*respectful of other team members and supportive of eachother

Financial Committment:

* 126.00$ for 4 weeks

* costume expenses $150-250/per costume (1/yr)

* $80-130 branded team practicewear (t-shirt, jacket)

* ray rose dance shoes in dark tan $190.00

*men’s dancing pants $80-$150 (pants will be used every year and last up to five years)

* passes for events we are performing at ( except Retirement homes & city festivals)

*OPTIONAL traveling expenses (e.g. International events/ out of town events )

Join Our Facebook audition event:

Our routines are innovative and include many partnership dances from Ballroom, Latin, Salsa, Hustle, Argentine Tango and more. If you are interested to join but have stage fright…we will work with you gently to overcome it and you will be able to perform at first in Retirement homes where the atmosphere is warm, loving and appreciative and then on the wonderful stages of our beloved city dance events and festivals.Learn More

Private Lessons Individual/Group and Packages

Getting ready for a special event…wedding…graduation…father/daughter dance…competition

…simply trying to impress your date…..or just learning a new skill? We can help you to look

elegant and graceful, cool and suave.

Single lesson = $85.00/55 minute session

($80.75 + $4.25 gst)

Dance made  easier!!! Come  and learn partnership dancing in a simple routine

form. Express yourself through different genres and dance to your favorite

songs as seen on popular TV shows.


 Private Lesson Packages:

Package prices effective only when bought in advance

5 Lesson Pack $395.00(full price $425)  save$30.00=%7.06=$79.00/per lesson

10 Lesson Pack $765 (full price $850)  save $85.00=%10= $76.50/per lesson

15 Lesson Pack $1105 (full price $1275) save $169.58=%13.3=$73.67/per lesson

20 Lesson Pack $1360( full price $1700) save $340=%20=$68.00/per lesson


Private Group Lesson Packages:

Have Family or friends want to join a private lesson?

The price is $85 for 55 minutes (per couple) +15$ for each additional person

Example is based on a 6 person private class: $145 per 6 people

5 Lesson pack $688.75(full price$725) save $36.25=%5=$22.95/person

10 Lesson pack $1305( $1450) save $145=%10=$21.75/person

15 Lesson pack $1848.75($2175)save $326.25=%15=$20.54/person

20 Lesson pack $2320($2900)save $580=%20=$19.33/person

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Fun Party Dance Class for Corporate/ Private events/ Weddings


Fun Party Dance Class.

Invite us to teach a fun group dance class at your event.  Whether

it is a corporate function, family gathering, birthday celebration or wedding,

this party group class is the simplest way to get people having fun, socializing,

engaging your audience and to the dance floor!

**For one price you get 2 instructors, male and female.

  30-40 minute group class- $400 + GST 

 30-40 minute group class with 3 minute Social demo no costume $500 + GST

 30-40 minute group class with Professional Show in costume $900 + GST

30-40 minute group class with 2 Professional Shows in costume $1400 + GST

30-40 minute group class with 3 Professional Shows in costume $1900 + GST

Instructors will arrive approximately 1/2 hour before the lesson. In case of changes in the schedule of your event, they will stay an additional 1/2 hour after the lesson/ show to answer questions.

Please note that a minimum 10 minute break for costume change will be required between the class and show.

See also Professional show/MC/DJ for your event

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Professional Show/MC/DJ for your event

Booking a Professional Show. Add class and elegance to your event:

Make  your party or event unforgettable with our creative show case performance…

We specialize in more than 32 partnership dances and can create a show to suit your

theme. We are extremely proud to be invited back as featured performers for 9th year

to the Banff Springs Hotel New Years Eve Gala.

Booking an existing Professional showcase:

1Dance in costume $500( 2.5-3 minutes long)

2Dances in costume$900( each Dance is 2.5-3 minutes long)

*minimum 10 minute break for costume changes between shows

3Dances in costume $1200(each Dance is 2.5-3 minutes)

3Dance Segue $1200( segue is the combination of three dances built together

where all music pieces, choreography, props and costume  changes are already set

to to create a magical story with all costume changes on stage…) Our Segue will take

you back to the time of elegance of the 1940′s to 1950′s and the captivating voices of Rose Marie

Clooney, Ella Fitzgerald and Frank Sinatra. It will warm your hearts, inspire imagination

and mesmerize your audience to make your event unforgettable.

Contact us to find out what is our current shows are.


Customized show to suit the theme of your event with 2 couples:

12 dance Customized Show with 2 couples

Creating a customized show: Specific requests of producer. Choreography,

staging and costumes designed to fit the scenario of the event.


*This example has been included for reference only:

Approximate time for design – 6 months.*

TIME: Admin/Management;Choreography; Costume design; Fabric shopping;

Music Cutting; Rhinestones and other decorating; Rehearsals; Time at Event

Costume cost: 1 ladies dress-$900-1500-depends on amount of Rhinestones

put on the dress.

MATERIAL COSTS; Fuel; Fabric; Seamstress and Costume Designers’ Fees,

Rhinestones and other decorations

OPTION B- 10 dances Semi Customized Show

Only 1-2 shows specifically designed for event. Dancers make use of existing

Choreography/Costumes, create a scenario to suit ‘feel’ of event. Attention is

given to creating theme and continuity throughout evening.


(Lesser use of seamstress’ original designs, and with a lesser emphasis on

choreography designed specifically for event):

TIME: Admin/Management;Choreography; Costume design; Fabric shopping;

Music Cutting; Rhine-stoning and other decorating; Rehearsals; Time at Event

MATERIAL COSTS; Fuel; Fabric; Seamstress Fees; Rhinestones and other


OPTION C- 8 dances Performance of  existing Routines

Dancers perform their existing Choreography/Shows, putting them in a logical

progression suggesting era changes


TIME: Admin/Management;Choreography(blocking); Accessories shopping

(feel of different eras);- Music Cutting; Rhinestoning and other decorating;

Rehearsals; Time at Event

MATERIAL COSTS; Fuel; Accessories; Rhinestones and other decorations

See also Fun Party Dance Class

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Music: Bagpipes and Guitar

Per appearance at function $300.  Onsite for up to 2 hours in full attire  – up to 10 minutes of continuous playing as required -$20 for each additional 10 minutes  )

Additional hour $75/per each
Dress rehearsal  $100(up to one hour onsite)
Per appearance at function $300  Onsite for up to 2 hours.
-up to 15 minutes of continuous playing as required
Additional half hour $50/each
15 minute set $300
30 minute set - $350
45 minute set$400
1 hour set$450
(All appearances include set up and removal of sound equipment
and time -1 hour prior to start time – sound check)
*15 minute break is required after 1 hour continuous playing each set
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Teaching Elementary/Junior High/ High Schools

We love teaching youth to dance. They are our future and it means more to us than just teaching them to dance. Partnership dance helps to improve social skills, teaches etiquette not only on the dance floor but in life, such as respecting your partner, team work and team building, freedom of expressing yourself through movement and feeling comfortable with your body. In a fun and  respectful way we introduce these concepts in our classes to kids, as well as setting some healthy boundaries. We combine 20 years teaching dance to different age groups with 8 years of training in Education, Social Work and Psychology to create a great teaching team with many educational tools.

Minimum charge for schools  for up to 2 hours $300
Full Day Rate $600… (usually includes 2nd instructor as a bonus)

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