Fall 2020 Social Group Classes. 


    We missed you!

    Slowly we are re-opening maintaining all standarts required by AHS.  We are restarting with semi-private classes for maximum 5 couples or 10 individuals.

    PLEASE NOTE:  a.There will be no partner changes if classes consist of couples. Class will include partner work, body movement & footwork.

    b. If class mostly concists of people that don’t have partners the classes focus will be on body movement, footwork and rhythm.

    Location:  501 Cleveland Cres. SE, suite #10 (basement), Calgary, AB

    Parking: Free

                      TO SECURE REGISTRATION  pls register right away, PLEASE CONTACT US.   Class limit 5couples/ 10 people.

    CONTACT: / text (403)710-7941 / text (403) 710-1767

    FB : @DandoDance

    Insta: @dandodance


    Thursday Night   


    6pm  Semi Private Argentine Tango (Nuevo)  Group Class ( open Level)   


          Oct 08 – Nov 10  Session 1: 6 weeks ($78.75/ person)



         Nov 12- Dec 17   Session 2:  5 weeks ($65.65/person)



    Wednesday Night “Time to Give Back Project”

    We are bringing back the “Time to Give Back Project” that offers learning dance in mini-routine form with an opportunity to perform at various retirement and full care facilities. (Performance not mandatory but by choice).  For last 10 yeras we have performed at retirement homes 2-3 times a year.  This coming year, as soon as restrictions are lifted and entertainment is again permitted in these facilities, we want to give back to seniors by sharing music, dance and FUN to uplift their spirits.  Covid has hit many people hard, especially vulnarable parts of the population. David’s dad, as well as a few of our students’ parents had been placed in full care facilities a few weeks before the Covid lockdown.  ’Giving back’ is all the more close to our hearts this year.

    In this unique semi private group class setting, learn ONE longer & TWO mini routines of the particular genres offered. To connect with seniors, we will be dancing to songs from various eras,  from the 1940s-80s. Each of these decades have an iconic style and sound familiar to many seniors.  We love when the audience hears a song and starts singing :)

    No partner needed, the choreography will consist of footwork, lines, shines and shape changes ( line dance format).  If you do have  a partner one of the teachers will introduce a partnership mini routine along as line dance as part of the routine.  We have 2 experienced teachers on staff


     6pm “Ballroom & Latin Elegance”  Open Level Semi Private Group Class      

          Oct 07  - Nov 11   Session 1:  Cha Cha, Rumba, Foxtrot  6 weeks ($78.75 /person)



           Nov 18 -Dec 16    Session 2:  Waltz, Samba, Tango 5 weeks ($65.63/person)  

    7pm ”Trendy Moves” Salsa LA Style,  Bachata Sensual, Club Cha Cha  Beg/Int  Semi Private.

    Limit 5couples/10people       

           Oct 07 - Nov 11   Session 1:       6 weeks  ($78.75 /person)



          Nov 18- Dec 16    Session 2:    5 weeks  ($65.65/person)



    8pm  “Trendy Moves” Salsa LA Style, Bachata Sensual, Club Cha Cha Cha  Int/Adv Semi Private


        Oct 07 - Nov 11   Session 1:   6 weeks  ($78.75 /person)



         Nov 18 -Dec 16    Session 2:    5 weeks  ($65.65/person)





    Monday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday: Private  & Private Group Lessons

    To get ready for wedding, special event, learn new dance skills in private setting. Go to www.danoddance/service page on Private  & Private Group lessons packages to save money.  We cater our private lessons to your learning speed and style.

    for more info contact or


    Tuesday Night : Performance Teams ( 1 year commitment)

    We’ll be learning couple routines in one year. As things are rewakening we better start getting ready for performances to come in the future, as well as get fit, get healthier, and form wonderful friendships.

     6pm -7:30pm “Ladies Styling” Gatsby Style “BangBang” by Will. I.Am    $126/4weeks/6hrs/person

    This year we especialy need some extra fun. Fringe, flapper style, dresses & feather head bands to vivatious music that reminds us of of over the top glitzy era of Great Gatsby style parties. So lets party this year!!! Following AHS guidlines for covid 19. class is limited to 8 ladies. If more interested in a project pls pm me.. as we can create  a second group for this routine:)

    No age, no size restrictions. One request you gotta grove it, pump it, shake it and most importantly have fun! Giggles are a must:)

    Session: Sept 2020- Aug 2021 (holiday breaks will be sent out to team  privately), $126/4weeks/person


    Full year experience Bachata Fusion Team Season 2017-18

     Another experience Lindy Hop Team Season 2017-18


                                                    Congratulations to Dando Dance Performance Teams 2018-19 on Fantastic Year!