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                                          Fall 2018 Social Dance Group Classes Start Sept 17th

    Become the best at Social Dance with this class.  Learn a simple dance routine to Social Latin in Salsa Bachata and Argentine Tango and rock the social dance floor at any event.

    3 sessions at least to complete to transfer to next level)  Register every session or join for a Drop Inn.     $5 off course for first 10 people registered for each class.

    Space is limited.  Maximum 30 people.

    Monday Latin Social Group Classes:  Salsa &Bachata  Beginner/Intermediate and Intermediate/Advanced

    Session 1: Sept 17- Oct 15 2018(no class Oct 8), 4weeks

             6-7pm  Salsa Bachata Int/Adv   $63/4weeks/person

             7-8pm Salsa Bachata Beg/Int   $63/4weeks/person

    Session 2  Oct 22-Nov 19 2018, 5weeks

             6-7pm  Salsa Bachata Int/Adv   $78.75/5weeks/person

             7-8pm Salsa Bachata Beg/Int   $78.75/5weeks/person

    Session 3 Nov 26- Dec17 2018, 4weeks

            6-7pm  Salsa Bachata Int/Adv   $63/4weeks/person

             7-8pm Salsa Bachata Beg/Int   $63/4weeks/person


    Thursday Night Argentine Tango Beginner/ Intermediate

     Session 1: Sept 20- Oct 11 2018, 4weeks

            6-7pm Argentine Tango  Beg/Int   63/4weeks/person

     Session 2: Oct 18- Nov15 2018, 5weeks 

           6-7pm Argentine Tango  Beg/Int   $78.75/5weeks/person

     Session 3: Nov 20- Dec 11 2018,  4weeks

          6-7pm Argentine Tango  Beg/Int   63/4weeks/person


    All courses are 55min long. No partner required.

    Location: 3360 14 Ave NE Expo Latino Studio

    Parking: Free

                                                    Congratulations to Dando Dance Performance Teams 2017-18 on Fantastic Year!