Pro Amateur Competitors

IMG_4062 Mirela & David Waltz Video Link

“Thank you David for making me feel beautiful again”

-Mirela Balan (Ballroom competitor)



-Suzanne (salsa competitor)



-Courtenay Canivet (Ballroom competitor)


Amateur Competitors


“No one should ever be held back from pursuing their passion because they feel they don’t belong. Which is why I feel so blessed to have found a dance family that is so supportive of one another!”

-Rebecca & Mauricio (salsa & Bachata competitors)


IMG_4140 Roberto & Ginger Salsa Video Link

“Thank you David and Olya for all of your guidance, we feel fortunate to have found such caring and attentive coaches!”

- Ginger & Roberto (salsa & Bachata competitors)



“What’s on my mind is…. gratitude! My beautiful loves won medals in the Rocky Mountain Prix!
Congratulations to Ginger Cowan and Roberto Cardenas!!!
Thanks so much to David Joseph and Olya Joseph!! They are the best coaches, mentors and friends”

-Paige Costly S. via FB post aka proud dance mom