Testimonials:  Pro-Amateur Competitors,  Amateurs  and  Performance Team Members

Mirela Balan Ballrom/Latin Pro- Am Competitor/ Performance Teams 2017-19


Mirela & David Waltz Video Link

“Thank you David for making me feel beautiful again”

Aileen Raphael & Sajeev Kappukatt Performance Teams 2015-19


“Thank you Dando Dance, Olya Joseph and David Joseph for an amazing year. We cherish all that you teach in dance and the joy you bring into many aspects of our lives. For the first time ever Sajeev Kappukatt and I took our passion for living and each other into performing salsa and bachata with an amazing dance team. We danced at some of Calgary’s largest and best events. We loved growing and sharing through this dance season with the best team ever”

Rebecca Schidlowsky Pro-Am Latin Competitor, Amateur Competitor, Performance Teams 2014-18

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“Having entered the social salsa scene two years ago, I tried out for several different teams last fall. Ultimately it was such an easy decision because David Joseph and Olya Joseph welcomed me with open arms. Though Dando is such a fun team, we also work hard and under Olya and David’s training I’ve seen my technique greatly improve. I strongly recommend Dando for the dancer that wants to become stronger and who wants to have a great time. We really are a family!! I look forward to meeting our new friends this fall!!!”-Paige Costly S. via FB post aka proud dance mom- Rebecca S

Courteney Canivet  Pro- Am Ballroom/ Latin Competitor/ Performance Teams 2015-17


Thank you David for making my dream of dance come true again.  We have won many medals and trophies together.  Here is to many more!

 Ginger Cowan Amateur Salsa & Bachata Competitor, Perfromance Team Member 2015-18& Roberto (Salsa & Bachata competitors)



“What’s on my mind is…. gratitude! My beautiful loves won medals in the Rocky Mountain Prix!
Congratulations to Ginger Cowan and Roberto Cardenas!!!
Thanks so much to David Joseph and Olya Joseph!! They are the best coaches, mentors and friends”

Roberto & Ginger Salsa Video Link

-Paige Costly S. via FB post aka proud dance mom

Mauricio Flores Amateur  Salsa & Bachata Competitors 2016


“No one should ever be held back from pursuing their passion because they feel they don’t belong. Which is why I feel so blessed to have found a dance family that is so supportive of one another!”


Suzanne Salsa Pro- Am Competitor at Calgary Salsa Congress 2016



I wanted to chalange myself. Noone thought i could or would do it. Thank you for making it possible

Salsa Pro-Am Competitor)