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Check out these video Links To our choreographed flashmobs 

The Oilmens Club: Fireball

Husky Oil: Gangnam style



“I have many friends who don’t know each other, so for my birthday having David & Olya teach my friends how to dance was not only a phenomenal ice breaker and unique experience… but everyone LOVED the lesson and used their newly learned dance moves the rest of the night. I can’t wait for David & Olya to teach at my birthday next year!”

Rebecca Finley-Schidlowsky


reb party2    Reb party3


“I have had the pleasure to take several beginner group dance lessons from Olya and David. They work hard to keep class sizes small and genders balanced, so everyone receives individual attention and you always have a partner to dance with. They have such a strong and natural ability to engage with all students within the group. Olya and David are truly passionate about dance, and their passion is very contagious. However, what makes them great instructors is their passion for teaching. They effortlessly create a fun atmosphere, which in turn creates a very positive learning environment. They truly make dancing about having fun. I would take more lessons with Olya and David without hesitation.”

-Rianne Patter

rianna test.