Performance Teams 2017-18

Tuesday Night Performance Teams

6pm- 7:30pm “Ladies Styling Team” to “Me Too” by Meghan Trainor

We are incorporating elements of Hip Hop, Latin and Salsa body movement and Arm Styling to create an experience of being in a music video.  It is as catchy and entertaining a piece  for performer as well as for audience.  Our goal is to raise self confidence and body awareness, while learning different types of body movement in the positive atmosphere of a fun and supportive group of ladies.

*Open level Team

$126.00/ month (6 hours of training)


7:30-9pm “Bachatango Intermediate Team” to “Arena” by  Lindsey Streling

A unique choreography blending  articulate footwork, kicks, tricks and flicks of Argentine Tango, and the sensuality of body and head rolls of Bachata Fusion.  Elegant lifts and dips elevate this routine to the next level.

*Intermediate Level Team

$126.00/ month (6 hours of training)

Wednesday Night Performance Team

6-7:30pm “Rock’nRoll Team” to “Jailhouse Rock” by Elvis Presley

An entertaining production style choreography with props and fun rock’n’ roll moves sure to put smile on the faces of audience of any age.

*Open Level Team

$126 /person /6hrs of training /4 weeks


7:30-8:30pm Private Group Class

Location:  Studio Expo Latino 3360 14th ave NE