Performance Teams & Portofolio

 Performance Teams Season 2016-2017 

Tuesday 7.30-9.00pm Salsa/Zouk Team

Wednesday 6.00-7.30pm Ladies Styling Team


“Having entered the social salsa scene two years ago, I tried out for several different teams last fall. Ultimately it was such an easy decision because David Joseph and Olya Joseph welcomed me with open arms. Though Dando is such a fun team, we also work hard and under Olya and David’s training I’ve seen my technique greatly improve. I strongly recommend Dando for the dancer that wants to become stronger and who wants to have a great time. We really are a family!! I look forward to meeting our new friends this fall!!!”

- Rebecca S

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“Thank you Dando Dance, Olya Joseph and David Joseph for an amazing year. We cherish all that you teach in dance and the joy you bring into many aspects of our lives. For the first time ever Sajeev Kappukatt and I took our passion for living and each other into performing salsa and bachata with an amazing dance team. We danced at some of Calgary’s largest and best events. We loved growing and sharing through this dance season with the best team ever”

Aileen Raphael & Sajeev Kappukatt







“Huge thank you to Dando Dance Company (Olya Joseph and David Joseph) for fulfilling my dream to dance! And not just social dancing, but performing on the same stages as the professional local and international dancers do!  For the last three years I’ve been having so much fun with my dance family, learning and performing quite challenging, but great and funny dances at International Salsa Congress, Rocky Mountains Grand Prix, Fiestaval, Expo Latino, and other great events. Nothing could compare to a sound of the pleased crowd you try to entertain! Thank you for letting to be a part of this experience and special thank you for listening and incorporating our ideas, and supporting us during the tough times. Heavy black heart“ -Tatiana Oshchepkova

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“I met David Joseph for my first salsa lesson at 12 years old after being inspired by watching him and my mom practice in a private lesson. I was too shy to continue until i was 18, but David’s fun and warm personality brought me back to his company to continue dancing. I fell in love with Latin dance and being a part of the community. David and Olya continue to mentor me into having salsa “mojo” as they put it. I cannot express my gratitude for all the support from David and Olya as well as from the entire performance team. The quality of people, opportunities, skillsets and life lessons I have been offered through the dancing community is incalculable! Not to mention performing has stretched me in ways I could not have anticipated! Thanks David and Olya for taking such great care of me! <3

- love Ginger

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Team Portofolios


2015/2016: “Dirty Dancing team” tribute to Patrick Swayze”

do pteam2016 2   IMG_3147

Click For The Dirty Dancing Fiestival Performance Preview

2015/2016: Salsa & Bachata Team

IMG_3095   IMG_3073

Click For salsa/bachata Fiestival preview

2015/2016: Lyrical Ballroom multi-genre Team: Adele’s “Hello”

2016 d team   12993530_10156910346245454_1177743792675201108_n

Click For Fiestival Performance Preview

2014/2015 Salsa Team

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2014/2015 “Tan Shoes and Pink Shoelaces” Team

IMG_4866   IMG_4868


2014/2015 Hustle Team



2104/2015 “Singing In The Rain” Team

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2013/2014 “Time Travel Salsa” Team

IMG_1198   IMG_1199


2013/2014 “Cry Baby” Team

IMG_1193   IMG_1200


2012/2013 “Carmen Miranda” cha cha, Salsa Team

IMG_0380   Vegas 07-2013 (26)


12-13 “Austin Powers” Hustle Team

IMG_0377   IMG_1196


2011/2012 “Saturday Night Fever” Hustle Team

IMG_1192   226020_457862044235723_1195581283_n

The Rocky Mountain Dancesport Performance Preview


2011/2012 Salsa Team

IMG_0760   IMG_0762